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Humor, Witticism, etc

Dreams of a Male Dummy (125) The demigod, Internet or Digital

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Friend:  “When I was in college, only a few schoolmates dared to say they  wholly comprehended Newtonian  physics, the three-dimensional universe!  …”

I:  “You want to say ‘Leave Einstein’s Universe alone’!?. The four-dimensional   Universe!  But, what the hell are you thinking? Do you have a problem with your teenage kids!?”

F:  “We like to think we are the animals of wisdom!  We are the chosen ones!  In order to convince ourselves, we invent this, and we invent that …, inventors are our heroes!  But, as a lot of  people would agree, thanks to science and technology, life has become so complicated that most people feel lost in just living.”

I:   “So!?  Are you?”

F:  “Yes.  When I was a kid, TV was invented, and we were all happy and excited to welcome the new era, the advance from the radio era to the TV era. Now, I suppose we are entering --or are already in--the Internet universe, the five-dimensional one.  We do so many things with the help we get from the Internet, that we are becoming dependent on the Internet, and let it influence our thinking, like a ‘Big Brother,’ or a demigod …”

I:  “We are afraid of any new invention of an Internet tool.  iPad & Ipaid. (Please refer to The dreams of  a male dummy (53) iLife.) But, are there any jobs in the developed and the developing countries not directly or indirectly related to the Internet?  The Internet has been very jobCreationFriendly.”

F:  “Yes, at this veryJobHungry time, the Internet is considered  a demigod!  I can’t imagine, without the Internet, how … ”

I:   “Included are jobs to create and manage apparatus to attack enemies. (Please refer to The Growing Threat Of Cyberwarfare.)  Included are jobs to create and manage apparatus to monitor citizens (so they can be better protected), and to know what customers and potential customers want (so they can be better served). “

F:  "In the name of JobCreation, the Internet is the demigod of our time!”

I:   “Hold your breath!  Some smart kids are right now in the process of creating robots which will be able to do what you and I--ordinary people—do now.”



Thought for the day


Those who long for success in their work here [on the earth] worship the demigods.” ~ Bhagavad Gita

Worshippers of the demigods go to the demigods, the worshippers of the ancestors go to the ancestors, and the worshippers of the ghosts go to the ghosts, but My devotees come to Me.” ~ ???


Dreams of a Male Dummy (124) The amazing Constitution

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Friend:  “Politics is dirty!  Especially the presidential one.  We are a nation based on our Constitution, and it is more than two hundred years old.  When it’s finalized, there were no cars, no air planes, no movies, no telephone, no computers, …  Oh, no free African American.  Well, no one then knew what ‘African American’ means. Leave  alone an African American President! ”

I:  “So!?”

F: “How could a complicated and mobile society like ours be based on a document  written more than two hundred years!”

I: “So, you think the Constitution should be revised, or the like?”

F: “You bet!”

I:  “How?”

F: “Well, we have now one presidential candidate from two major parties.  Luckily, both have very good credentials.  One got Harvard degree and more than three years’ US President experience; and another one has made a lot of money, and two terms’ MD Governor experience.  If they could sit down together, and draw a draft for the Constitutional President requirements. …”

I:  “What would the Gov. Romney like most to be the President requirements?”

F: “The person must have proven to have made more than 10 million.”

I: “How about President Obama?”

F: “The person must have at least one Ivy League Degree.”


Thought for the day

 The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.” ~ George Washington

 Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties. “ ~ Abraham Lincoln


 The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin


Kevin Bleyer: "Me The People: One Man's Selfless Quest To Rewrite The Constitution Of the United States of America" (NPR Diane Rehm Show, 06/11/12): In a letter to James Madison in 1789, Thomas Jefferson said the U.S. Constitution should naturally expire after 19 years because "the earth belongs always to the living generation." By Jefferson’s standard, the Constitution should have been rewritten 11 times by now. Kevin Bleyer took it upon himself to update our founding document for the 21st century. A writer for "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," Bleyer noted that “for two centuries, we have been expected to abide by it, live by it, swear by it ... yet we have no idea what it says.” He joins Diane to discuss how he used history and humor to bring attention to long-standing constitutional debates. Guests Kevin Bleyer writer for "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," co-author of "Earth: the Book" and contributor to President Obama's speeches.



Dreams of a Male Dummy (123) Keeping your Promises vs. Being Honest

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During a church sermon, the priest asked:  “Please raise your hand, if you have ever fought with your spouse!”

P:  “Bill, how come you didn’t raise your hand?  I have mediated with you guys  several times, when you’ve had serious disagreements.  Honesty is very essential for a Christian.”

B:  “Because we have promised each other that we’d never let anyone else know we had ever fought, …”


Thought for the day

“It is a fine thing to be honest, but it is also very important to be right.~  Winston Churchill

“After a century of striving, after a year of debate, after a historic vote, health care reform is no longer an unmet promise. It is the law of the land.” ~ Barack Obama

Bible Verses About Integrity: 20 Important Scripture Quotes

(Liberty University by Pamela Rose, 6/28/11) ... these twenty important Scripture quotes regarding integrity and honesty. ... throne over Israel forever, as I promised David your father, saying, ...




Dreams of a Male Dummy (122) An inconvenient proposal ! A Nobel Prize topic! ?

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Friend: "Summer is just around the corner. What kind of summer is waiting for us!?"

I: "A long and hot one!"

F: "That doesn’t sound good! Why do you say it?"

I: "Our energy shortage makes it hot! And the dull election campaign makes it long! I can’t work up too much enthusiasm about these candidates."

F: "Can you elaborate?"

I: "One side wants to tax the rich more, while the other side wants to reduce the entitlements. And they all just adjust their positions according to the latest poll."

F: "Any ideas to improve things?"

I: "I have a proposal. Do you want to hear it? It might sound strange, or even ridiculous, but it will be entertaining, too!!

F: "Sure. In these dry no-good-news days, anything entertaining will sell."

I: "My proposal is to let only a few elected officers’ offices and homes use AC and heat, except for those very old or handicapped people. It’s a very inconvenient proposal. Don’t you think so!?"

F: "Sure! It is also very ridiculous! Could you make some sense, my wise man!"

I: "If most people don’t us AC and heat, we won’t have an energy shortage. I know that it would be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient. But, this would make a lot of people run for high office, including some very capable and smart persons who are willing to serve others! If we could have more high-level elected officials with such traits, we would have a much better world! We might have a much better new social economic system in the near future! "

F: "It sounds like a good idea, with the potential to win a Nobel Peace Prize! But, most people wouldn’t agree to live without AC or/and heat!"

I: "Most people wouldn’t agree to live without income either!"



Thought for the day

A. A Nobel Peace Prize

What Does It Take to Win the Nobel Peace Prize - How Are Nobel ...

( If you've ever wondered how the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize are chosen, Contests explains the process.

How to Win a Nobel Peace Prize

( Oct 12, 2007 – But the Nobel Prize is easy. The important thing to remember is that peace doesn' t have much to do with it. One of the very first winners was ...

B. Energy

Why Energy Efficiency Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be - TIME

Feb 7, 2012 – Hong Kongers are well-off, but they use only one-third as much energy as Americans largely because they live in one of the densest cities on ...

Wind energy -- Unreliable, expensive and utterly impractical

Forcing adoption of expensive and inefficient sources of power only drags down .... They are being built over the strenuous objections of folks who live in rural ... The major change is that of a night time sound limit of 42 decibels instead of the ...

Living Off the Grid: How to Generate Your Own Electricity | Danny ...

In summary, this is what I have learned about renewable energy by living off the grid: .... expensive propane refrigerator that heats the home in the summer time I ...

C. How could we have more high officer who are very capable, smart and willing to serve others

No good articles about it have been located. Please help!


Dreams of a Male Dummy (121) What causes Arthritic pain? A Nobel Prize topic ! ?

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A while ago, I attended a retirement club’s seminar about arthritis, led by a rheumatologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis.

Here are some of the exchanges from the Q&A session:

The speaker:  “Cartilage is a flexible connective tissue (*) found in many areas in our bodies, including the joints between bones, as in the knee and the ankle.  Cartilage normally protects a joint, allowing it to move smoothly.  Arthritic pain may occur as a result of  breakdown or wearing out of cartilage. But, not necessarily.”

I:  “So what is the real reason for most arthritic pain?”

S:  “… That’s a good question!”

I:   “Is arthritic pain common?”

S:  Arthritis is the nation's most common cause of disability, limiting the activities of 21 million Americans and causing 1 of 3 working-age adults to report work limitations.  It’s a very common condition among older people.”

I:  “Any cure?”

S:  “None that I know of.”

I:    “So, if you could discover the real reason for arthritic pain, and/or invent an effective cure, you would almost certainly win a Nobel prize in physiology or medicine.“

S:   “I think so.  If the cure were not expensive, I could be considered for the Nobel Peace prize too, just considering that it causes 1 of 3 working-age adults to report work limitations.”

I :    “I guess you need a lot of samples to do the research.”

S:     “Well, I have not yet decided to do the research.  But yes, if I should decide to …”

I:      “We are all older folks, and quite intelligent in general.  Some of us are retired MDs.  I think a lot of us would like to be your research samples, and would contribute our wisdom as well, if you could share the prize with the participants.”

S:      “Let’s make a deal!”   


Thought for the day


"Trouble has no necessary connection with discouragement. Discouragement has a germ of its own, as different from trouble as arthritis is different from a stiff joint. " ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

"I don't deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don't deserve that either. " ~ Jack Benny


 (*) connective tissue





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