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夕陽感言(五) 活得好 想得美 老得妙

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老而不死是謂賊? 歴練智慧是人瑞

天堂地獄自己選, 好山好水在心頭


活得好要信仰 想得美要希望 老得妙要情愛


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Bill Yen bi-weekly radio interview with Silicon Valley Chinese Media recordings

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Bio of Bill Yen

Has 30 years of experience in stock market investing; specializes in technical analysis, market behavior and human psychology; created a simple momentum model applying art and psychology to technical analysis to maximize profits in stock market. Has traveled around the nation giving speeches and seminars pertaining to investing, and has taught investment subjects applying ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism and I-Ching on Wall Street. Manages foreign trust and hedge fund; serves as chief investment strategist for Zero Boundaries Group; sits on board of BHS Inc. LLC, an international real estate development and currency and equity trading concern. Is a free-lance columnist for leading Chinese-language newspaper World Journal; market commentator of Silicon Valley based TV and radio station, SVC Media.