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Dreams of a Male Dummy (144) Happy New Year! 恭喜發財!

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Friend: “Happy New Year!”

Wiseman: “Happy New Year! Anything new?”

F: “Why do we say to each other ‘Happy New Year’ around New Year’s day? I mean why do we have the

word ‘happy’ in the phrase.”

W: “Because, in general, we are Not happy. Happiness is what we like most, is what we would like each

other to have most in the New Year.”

F: “Are you sure?”

W: “You know, where I come from, people say to each other ‘I wish you good fortune/Congratulations

on getting rich’ (恭喜發財) around New Year’s day. Why? Because people there, in general, are

struggling to make a living; they are not rich. What they wish most for themselves and each other is to

have enough money to have a decent life.”

ach other ‘Wise New Year! Wise Every day!’—considering how we

treat God, each other, ourselves, and the Earth, …?”

W: “You are getting wiser!”



Phrases: Why do people say Happy New Year and Merry ... But we can have good fortune and stay in a state of general wellbeing for the whole year, if we are fortunate (another meaning of 'happy;'). So it makes sense to wish someone a happy New Year; and it makes sense to wish someone either a happy or a merry Christmas.

What Does “Happy New Year” Even Really Mean? | Science ... The laws of nature, as we currently understand them, treat all moments as equally real. No one is picked out as special; the laws simply say how any moment relates to the previous one and to the next.




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