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Dreams of a Male Dummy (143) The Root: Science? Scientist? Greed?

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Dreams of a Male Dummy (143) The Root: Science? Scientist? Greed?

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Friend phoned from Asia: “Hi—so you guys are finally getting the monster Hurricane, Eh?”

Wiseman: “Yes! You get it. I get it. It’s fair! The weather! The climate!…What’s going on?”

F: “Well …”

W: “My Professor Emeritus! My professor emeritus! I know, as a renowned scientist, you might not want to say something unnecessary, just for the sake of the money or fame.”

F: “But, I’m retired. Right!?”

W: “Exactly! Could you briefly let me know why we are getting this kind of weather?”

F: “OK. Let me try. We live in a universe which has science. Some, given the title of scientists, discovered some of the scientific laws. Some invented tools, utilizing them. And, we all use the tools greedily, abusing the resources …”

W: “So, now we have global warming, etc. And, consequently, we get what we asked for.”

F: “You deserve the title of Wiseman!”

W: “What is the root cause? Science? Scientists? Greed?

The friend’s spouse: “Scientists!”

F: “Greed!”


The root of climate change | SocialistWorker.org 7/9/15 The root of climate change The world's ecological problems have sent human society plunging into uncharted territory--but capitalism …

A brief history of climate change - BBC News 2006 - The Stern Review concludes that climate change could damage global GDP by up to 20% if left unchecked - but curbing it would cost about 1% of global GDP.



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