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NPR 1A Show - Friday News Roundup 1804, 03, 02, 01

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04/13/2018 Friday News Roundup – International :  It’s been nearly a week since a suspected chemical attack in Syria claimed up to 70 lives. In the days since, there has been a lot of talk around the world about what to do in response — and who should do it. It’s an early test for John Bolton, the Trump administration’s newly inducted national security adviser, who’s hardly new to tough decisions on violent conflicts. President Trump has targeted most of his tough talk at Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin over Twitter. And European nations weighed whether they should team up with the U.S. in addressing the use of chemical weapons on civilians.  In Russia, the daughter of a former Russian double agent was released from the hospital after battling for her life following an alleged nerve gas attack on her father. And invitations for the royal wedding were sent out, leaving many disappointed that they don’t have an excuse to shop for a new fascinator.

04/13/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : Congress had a high-profile visitor this week. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before lawmakers about how his company plans to protect user data in the future. The question remains: can the social network do it without a regulatory assist?  Meanwhile on the Hill, House Speaker Paul Ryan confirmed that he won’t seek re-election and Illinois’ Tammy Duckworth became the first sitting U.S. senator to give birth.  We’re learning more about why the F.B.I. raided the office of President Trump’s longtime attorney and what the bureau’s seizure of will mean for the future of sex work in the U.S.  Plus, Bill Cosby returned to court to face accusers who say the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted them and singer Mariah Carey opened up about why her diva act may have been driven by deeper issues.

04/06/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : It can sometimes seem like the world is coming apart, but … oh, wait … it really is. A crack in Africa has many geologists convinced that the continent is splitting in two, but it’s going to take a while.  In non-geological news…

There were mixed messages on the Middle East this week, as President Trump first insisted on an immediate withdrawal of troops from Syria, then changed his plan following advice from military leaders.  Meanwhile, American bourbon is getting a costly chaser in China: The country retaliated to American tariffs by putting its own tariffs on whiskey, cars and soybeans. The tensions are escalating, but the president says there’s no trade war.

In Russia, President Vladimir Putin is considering an invitation to the White House.  Protests are continuing in Gaza after hundreds of Palestinians were wounded and more than a dozen were killed in a clash with Israeli troops.  And Brazil’s former president is facing jail time.

04/06/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : It was a turbulent week for tech companies. Facebook revised the number of people affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal to 87 million users, up from 50 million. The company is also being sued by several groups, including more than a dozen Pulse Nightclub shooting survivors who say Facebook aided ISIS by hosting extremist content. Its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, will testify before Congress next week. What might we hear from the tech mogul?  Amazon became the target of multiple attacks by President Trump, who spent much of the week criticizing the company’s effects on retail business and the United States Postal Service. How did the stock market respond?  And the President used Twitter to announce he’s no longer open to a DACA deal that would provide for hundreds of thousands of immigrants with protected status in the U.S.

By the way, you can follow us on Twitter @1A, watch the Friday show live on Facebook … and see our Amazon wish list here.he

03/30/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : This has been a week with a lot of talk about international travel.  A “mystery train” is moved in Asia as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took his family’s bulletproof locomotive to a surprise meeting in China, with talks in South Korea planned as well.  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg agreed to meet with Congress, but won’t cross the pond to testify in Parliament.   And the world’s youngest Nobel Laureate, Malala Yousafzai, has returned to Pakistan for the first time since she was shot there for organizing in support of women’s education..

03/30/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : The President of the United States deals with a number of problems and issues that most Americans might never imagine. But one that seems unimaginable in very different way came up this week: No one seems to want to represent him.

From CNN:

Five large law firms are passing on the opportunity to represent the President after a shakeup last week on his private defense team and as he anticipates giving possible testimony to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.  Well-known Washington lawyers cited several reasons for declining the President in recent weeks, according to multiple sources familiar with their decisions. Among them, Trump appears to be a difficult client and has rebuked some of his lawyers’ advice. He’s perceived as so politically unpopular he may damage reputations rather than boost them. Lawyers at large firms fear backlash from their corporate clients if they were to represent the President. And many want to steer clear of conflicts of interest that could complicate their other obligations.

The president is also looking for a doctor, after naming his current physician head of the Department of Veterans Affairs, replacing a director who says he was in the way of efforts to privatize the department. And in Sacramento, protests continue after the death of Stephon Clark, a 22-year-old black man who was shot 20 times by police who thought he had a gun. It was his phone.

03/23/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : Newly re-elected Russian President Vladimir Putin has drawn harsh words from British politicians since a poison attack in London. And this week, the top British diplomat said it’s fair to compare this year’s World Cup in Russia to the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany. Meanwhile, despite an apparently all-caps warning not to congratulate Putin on re-election …President Trump congratulated him on his re-election.

I called President Putin of Russia to congratulate him on his election victory (in past, Obama called him also). The Fake News Media is crazed because they wanted me to excoriate him. They are wrong! Getting along with Russia (and others) is a good thing, not a bad thing....... 2:56 PM - Mar 21, 2018

No politicians seem to be getting along with another powerful leader — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as word spreads about how Cambridge Analytica used Facebook user data and political dirty tricks around the world.

The U.S. is set for a showdown with China over tariffs. And Nigeria says most of the schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram have been returned.

03/23/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke his silence. After it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica, a data consulting firm with ties to the Trump campaign, had access to a trove of Facebook user data, Zuckerberg told CNN, “this was a major breach of trust and I’m really sorry that this happened. We have a basic responsibility to protect people’s data, and if we can’t do that, then we don’t deserve to have the opportunity to serve people.”

And he adds that he’s “sure” that bad actors are trying to interfere with the midterm elections.  But … will he talk to Congress?  In Texas, the man suspected of sending a series of package bombs in the Austin area is dead. Thousands of students are in Washington to march against gun violence. And a parody book about the vice president’s pet rabbit having a gay romance is at the top of the charts.This

03/16/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : Russia is not taking the blame. Not for releasing a deadly toxin that left two people in critical condition. And not for meddling in America’s last presidential election.  Plus, the country is busy preparing for a big election of its own.  Elsewhere in the world, Angela Merkel was elected to a fourth term as Germany’s Chancellor and tributes poured in for theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who died this week at 76.

03/16/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : This week, students across the nation walked out, Rex Tillerson got shown out and House Republicans closed out their investigation into Russian meddling.  We review some of the week’s biggest stories and how they’ll play out in the days ahead.

03/09/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : Free trade fears are causing concern worldwide.  America is cautiously optimistic as North and South Korea get ready to talk. A Russian ex-spy and his daughter are poisoned with a nerve agent on a park bench in England.  And sexist behavior could get you fined in France.  We catch up on the week’s biggest international headlines.

03/09/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : It’s been a stormy week for the White House.  The president’s tough talk tough on trade has not gone down well with many in his own party, including his own economic adviser, Gary Cohn. Meanwhile, a former aide’s stance on subpoenas became prime time entertainment.  In West Virginia, teachers and students went back to school.  And across the country, the opioid crisis is getting worse — deaths have risen by nearly a third and the drugs are spreading in cities.

03/02/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : Much of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s state of the nation address was about Russia’s tensions with Western countries, including the U.S.:  “I want to tell all those who have fueled the arms race over the last 15 years, sought to win unilateral advantages over Russia, introduced unlawful sanctions aimed to contain our country’s development … you have failed to contain Russia.”

The speech also included warnings with animations of Russia’s new arsenal of nuclear weapons. How will world leaders respond to the tough talk?  We parse Putin’s words and political motivations and discuss the continued tragedy on Syrian soil.  Plus: What prompted China to censor Winnie-the-Pooh and the letter “N”?

03/02/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : The students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas have been showing up again … this time for school. An estimated 95 percent of the student body returned to classes two weeks after 17 people were killed in a mass shooting on campus.  Big businesses joined the gun backlash, with Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kroger and Walmart all changing their policies for selling guns, either raising the minimum age to purchase rifles, or taking certain weapons off the shelves entirely.  There’s still no deal on DACA, though the March 5 deadline isn’t so firm after the Supreme Court declined to take a case on it.  The Russia investigation continues, and the president is not a fan.

02/23/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : A few highlights from headlines around the world this week:

North Korea nixes plans to secretly meet with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence.  Venezuela’s struggle to hold on to its real currency forces it to launch a digital one.  And humanitarian groups say they’ve simply run out of words to describe the horror being inflicted by the Syrian government on one rebel-held suburb.  We touch down on some of the biggest stories from the past few days in the global edition of the Friday News Roundup.

02/23/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : The debate over how to bring an end to mass shootings in America dominated the national conversation this week. Youth and survivors of gun violence raised their voices to the forefront of the discussion. And, after a lot of listening, the president weighed in, too.

Donald J. Trump

I will be strongly pushing Comprehensive Background Checks with an emphasis on Mental Health. Raise age to 21 and end sale of Bump Stocks! Congress is in a mood to finally do something on this issue - I hope!

02/16/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : A number of longtime world leaders made headlines this week

South African President Jacob Zuma resigned. Zimbabwe lost a man of conscience and courage with the death of Morgan Tsvangirai. And the future of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu comes under more doubt.  And why is Australia’s Prime Minister banning sex between his ministers and their staff?

02/16/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : One hour — or even 24 hours — might not be enough to wrap up this week’s news.   We’ll get the latest from Florida after a deadly school shooting. There have been the usual calls for thoughts and prayers, but at least one survivor has asked for something more.

U.S. intelligence officials gave a dire warning about upcoming elections and Russian interests.  In other international competitions, there was high drama at the OlympicsFans raved over a Marvel Comics masterpiece (which is also our next 1A Movie Club topic) selection.   Also … it’s infrastructure week.

02/09/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : In South Africa, they’ve started calling it Zexit: The country’s controversial president, Jacob Zuma, appears close to stepping down.   Meanwhile, the influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un steps up.  And pressure mounts to save thousands under siege in Syria.

02/09/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : It was a week of ups and downs.  Starting Monday, the Dow fell a lot, then rose a little, then fell, then, well … let’s see where it’s at when the show starts.  The SpaceX Falcon Heavy went up, up and away, taking a Tesla with it. Then the boosters came back down.  And will the flags go up for a military parade in Washington, D.C.?   We salute the week’s top news in the Friday News Roundup.

02/02/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : President Trump asks Congress to restrict US foreign aid to “America’s friends.”  Kenyans watch their TVs go blank as confusion grows over who is president.  And who will inherit the flatpack fortune? IKEA’s founder leaves behind a huge legacy, and a few confusing instructions.  We catch up on some of the big stories from around the world this week.

02/02/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : Why would the president approve the release of a classified document over the objections of the Justice Department?  Why would he not be swayed by an overwhelming majority in Congress to impose sanctions on Russia?  Why is he refusing an American sports tradition this year?  The State of our Union is … busy as ever. We review some of the biggest headlines — and biggest applause lines — of the weekPresident

01/26/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : Syria is forced on the defensive after Turkish troops invade the north. And the U.S. is making plans for an open-ended military presence in the country.  Vice President Mike Pence traveled to the Middle East and promised to open the U.S. embassy to Israel in Jerusalem next year.  And the White House sent a large contingent with the president to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

01/26/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : President Donald Trump says he’s game for a conversation, under oath, with special counsel Robert Mueller. But will Trump’s lawyers let him talk?  And what was the president’s point in asking acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe about who he voted for in 2016?  Plus, the federal government is back to business after a short shutdown, but it’s only funded through early February so … could we face another shutdown in the very near future?  So many things need light shed on them this week. Luckily we’re in The Sunshine State to ask all our burning questions. We’ll round up the week’s news from sunny Orlando, Florida.This

01/19/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : South Korea’s efforts to reconcile with an isolated North Korea caught the attention of politicos and sports fans this week when they announced they will march and compete in unity at next month’s Olympic Games.  In Syria, the government made clear that it would rather go it alone, rejecting U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s plan for the American military to stay engaged.  And in the United Kingdom, British Prime Minister Theresa May has appointed a minister for lonliness.  You’re never alone on Fridays when you listen to the International News Roundup.

01/19/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : If you think your to-do list is long, consider your Senators’.  Congress is dealing with a host of issues — sometimes at odds with the president, sometimes at odds with itself — including:

Press freedom
Steve Bannon and the Russia investigation
And keeping the government from shutting down

But while we wait for deals to come down, something else fell in Michigan.

01/12/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : Around the world, nations reportedly derided as “shithole countries” by President Trump are reacting with tough (though less vulgar) responses of their own.  After talks, North and South Korea came together this week over … sports, agreeing that northern athletes will compete in the upcoming Olympic Games, which will be held in South Korea. Will the two nations warm on other issues soon?

In France, President Emmanuel Macron is going to war against “fake news” with talk of legislation to ban it from spreading. And in very real French news, 100 women signed a letter in Le Monde saying that #MeToo has gone too far.  We’ll discuss these and all the biggest real stories from around the world on the International News Roundup.

01/12/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : This week, President Trump has been asking for action and compassion, telling lawmakers that he wants to see “a bipartisan bill of love” on DACA.   Then he reportedly called some nations “shithole countries” before denying the statement, but admitting to using “tough” language.  In Arizona, pardoned Sherriff Joe Arpaio threw his hat into the ring and announced a bid for the Senate before dashing any hopes he might support a “bill of love” and renewing the long-debunked “birther” conspiracy.

Farther out West, the case against rancher Cliven Bundy was dramatically dismissed.   And a year after it was first published, the infamous — and controversial — dossier is back in the news, as the head of the firm that compiled it has begun to speak out.  Hats, cattle and is a conservative firebrand riding off into the sunset or being ridden out of town? That’s all on the News Roundup.New

01/05/2018 Friday News Roundup – International : U.S. President Donald Trump’s first tweet of 2018 made international news ... The next day, another tweet of his made headlines around the world ... We’ll take a Twitter timeout to review some of the biggest international news with expert journalists who can share much more than the Trump perspective on global events.

01/05/2018 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : New years tend to start with a lot of promises. 2018 is no different.

President Trump promised ...  And Mother Nature promised to chill us out.  With all the news and the frigid weather, it might be time to sit down with a cup of hot tea. And no one poured more tea this week than Michael Wolff, whose forthcoming (but already best-selling) book, “Fire and Fury,” quotes Steve Bannon calling a Trump Tower meeting with Russians “treasonous” and dishes details on the president’s alleged cheeseburger-eating habits. The president has responded to “Fire and Fury” with “cease and desist” and threats of further legal action.  It’s been a noisy week of winter bluster. We’ll sort through it all and talk about what we really need to focus on.



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