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NPR 1A Show - Friday News Roundup 1712,11,10, 09

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12/29/2017 2017 News Roundup – International : While many of the big stories about President Donald Trump concern domestic politics, America’s new leader has had a major impact on the world.  Whether it’s the investigation into Russian election meddling or the growing tension with North Korea, President Trump’s presence is felt globally.   Meanwhile, this year also saw persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, an attempted coup in Turkey and major elections in Britain and France.  We look at the stories that shook the world in 2017.

12/29/2017 The 2017 News Roundup – Domestic : The year started with new leadership that took that nation into uncharted territory politically, culturally and digitally:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again

But was the inauguration of President Trump the biggest story of 2017? We look back over the major headlines that shaped the year and ones we’re not likely to forget in 2018.

12/22/2017 Friday News Roundup – International : Nikki Haley says the U.S. is “taking names” of countries criticizing America’s policies on Israel.  And it looks like the U.S. will have to take a lot of names. In the UN General Assembly Thursday, 128 nations backed a resolution asking other countries to not follow the United States’ example in pledging to move its embassy to Jerusalem. As NPR points out, “among the countries that voted in favor of the resolution are many traditional U.S. allies, including the United Kingdom and France.”  Another controversial American concept also took some punishment from Europe this week. The European Union’s top court declared that ride-hailing app Uber is a taxi service, not simply a tech company. This means Uber could face more regulations in Europe.  And from one tech story to another, the White House says North Korea was behind this year’s devastating WannaCry cyberattack. We’ll log on and talk about these stories and more on the News Roundup.

12/22/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : ‘Twas the week before Christmas, on Capitol Hill  As Republicans cheered passing a major bill.  With Joshua Johnson, before Christmas Day,  The Friday News Roundup, this week, on 1A:  The tax bill passed after such planning and care,  but would help for the middle class really be there?  Critiques of the Russia probe grow louder and fuller, but the president says he won’t fire Bob Mueller.   A Virginia tie-breaker has lawmakers stuck, could they really choose a new House member, by luck?  Also, the latest on the Amtrak disaster.  The death of a Cardinal who failed as a pastor.  And, this might fill some Disney fans with mirth: President Trump’s likeness, in the Happiest Place On Earth.  We always love hearing what you have to say.  Comment on Facebook. Or tweet, @1a

12/15/2017 Friday News Roundup – International : Rex Tillerson is ready to talk. The U.S. Secretary of State says he’s open to negotiating with North Korea without preconditions.  “Let’s just meet and let’s — we can talk about the weather if you want,” Tillerson said on Tuesday in Washington. “We can talk about whether it’s going to be a square table or a round table if that’s what you’re excited about. But can we at least sit down and see each other face to face? And then we can begin to lay out a map, a roadmap of what we might be willing to work towards.”  The White House and Tillerson’s own State Department quickly conflicted this offer of diplomacy. We’ll talk about where negotiations with North Korea stand and why Tillerson and President Trump don’t seem to be on the same page. Plus, the fallout over Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, the next chapter of leadership in South Africa and what the merger between Disney and 21st Century Fox means on a global scale.

12/15/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : Roy Moore was set to ride all the way to Washington this week, but his horse only got him so far. Also, pressure grows on special counsel Robert Mueller. And more women speak out about President Trump’s past behavior, accusing him of sexual misconduct.  Meanwhile, House and Senate Republicans are ready to roll out a massive tax overhaul bill, but already, there’s some dissent in the ranks.  We’ll discuss these stories and more on the News Roundup.

12/08/2017 Friday News Roundup – International : Fulfilling a campaign promise, President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital this week. The move sparked riots and protests.  The International Olympic Committee stopped playing games with Russia, banning the country from next year’s competition. And while Russia’s athletes won’t be skiing or skating next year, President Vladimir Putin will be running … for president … again.  Meanwhile, the U.K. cleared a hurdle in its attempts to make a graceful Brexit.  We recap these stories and more in the International News Roundup.

12/08/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : With apologies to Sesame Street, the number of the week is … two.  Two Democratic members of Congress (Sen. Al Franken and Rep. John Conyers) left their offices this week after calls for them to resign over allegations of inappropriate physical contact with women.  Two versions of the tax bill (one by the House and one by the Senate) remain up for debate.  Two former Trump associates (Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort) are back in the headlines for their ties to the Russian government. We take a minute — or two — to catch up on some of the biggest stories of the week.

12/01/2017 Friday News Roundup – International : America’s Ambassador to the United Nations says North Korea’s latest missile launch brings the world closer to war.  A war criminal at The Hague dies after drinking poison in court.  And it’s been a mixed week for relations between the United States and the United Kingdom.

12/01/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : Time’s running out for Congress to pass legislation before the end of the year. And time’s up for more high-profile men, fired for sexual misconduct.  We’ll recap these stories and more in the News Roundup.

11/24/2017 Sarah Parcak: The Indiana Jones of Low Earth Orbit (Rebroadcast) : Dr. Sarah Parcak is the world’s leading space archaeologist. Her use of satellite technology has allowed her go further than others and has made her a prize winning pioneer as well as an expert in the field of Egyptology. Dr. Parcak uses satellite images to locate lost ancient sites. Her efforts to protect the world’s shared cultural heritage in 2016 landed her both a million dollar TED prize and special recognition from the Smithsonian Institution with an ‘Ingenuity Award’.   Her current project is an experiment in crowdsourcing archaeology and aims to train the next wave of global explorers.

11/24/2017 These 50 Objects Changed the Modern Economy : economy today — what would it be? The diesel engine? The pill? The shipping container? Maybe narrowing it down to one is a little unfair. Let’s make a list. Or better yet, let’s rely on Tim Harford, whose BBC Radio Series and book makes the case for 50 inventions that changed the modern economy. Some are pretty obvious, like barcodes or Google or the passport. Some need a bit more explaining, like barbed wire or double-entry bookkeeping or that Billy bookcase at IKEA.

11/24/2017 Americana: A 400-Year History Of American Capitalism (Rebroadcast) : Bhu Srinivasan came to this country as a wide-eyed eight-year-old, his head filled with all the possibilities America evoked. His educated parents had found upward mobility to be unachievable in India. Now an entrepreneur who remains fascinated by American innovation and industry, Srinivasan has written a narrative history of the U.S. economy.

11/17/2017 Friday News Roundup – International : The government takeover in Zimbabwe is not a coup d’etat … according to the armed members of the country’s military who have placed Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe under house arrest. How will the so-called “bloodless transition” of power play out? In Germany, leaders of the world’s most powerful countries gathered to talk climate change, but the Trump administration’s delegates were met with protests. A huge far-right nationalist march disrupted an annual independence celebration in Poland. And Australia voted to legalize same-sex marriage.  We’ll also review the end of President Trump’s visit to Asia, which included a meeting with the controversial president of the Philippines.  And, how much would you pay for one of Leonardo DaVinci’s works?

11/17/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : Does Roy Moore’s campaign for Senate have a future? More women came forward this week with allegations of sexual misconduct against the former Alabama judge and outspoken evangelical. And more Republican lawmakers have come forward to say they believe the women and that Moore should remove himself from the race. Moore says the claims are false.  The reputation of Republicans is also riding on their ability to pass a new tax reform bill that looks more like a takedown of the Affordable Care Act. Can the majority party get tax reform done?  Plus, more lives were taken in another mass shooting. There was another hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the Hill. And Mattel celebrated Muslim women with a new Barbie doll.

11/10/2017 Friday News Roundup – InternationalPresident Trump visits Asia. Several Saudi Arabian princes visit prison. And we revisit a conversation about offshore tax shelters in light of the Paradise Papers. Travel around the world with us for a look at some of the biggest stories in this week’s international news.

11/10/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : The week flew by, but not without leaving behind a lot of questions.  • Is it safe for Democrats to be optimistic about a return to power at the national level?  • What’s in the Republican tax bill?  • What, in hindsight, could have stopped the nation’s latest mass shooting? • And is there a way to end this week on a high note?

11/03/2017 Friday News Roundup – International : A terror attack ended the lives of six international tourists who were visiting New York this week. The suspect, a 29-year-old man from Uzbekistan, is in custody and authorities are working to learn more about why he may have carried out this act of deadly violence.  President Trump weighed in, rather controversially, on the lower Manhattan attack as he prepares for a trip abroad to Asia.

11/03/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : New York came under attack this week, with eight people killed in what’s being called an act of terror.  “Prosecutors say [the suspect] waived his Miranda rights and confessed during a hospital interview to having carried out the attack after being inspired by ISIS videos he watched on his cellphone,” NPR reports.  The focus on the suspect’s online connection with ISIS brought additional attention to the role of social media networks in politics, something they were already discussing with lawmakers in hearings this week.  In response to the violence, President Trump called for a change to immigration policy.  The president and congressional Republicans are also pushing for a change in the tax code, though a new poll suggests the public isn’t that excited to see lawmakers pivot to taxes.  Meanwhile, the first indictments in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election were handed down. And whether it’s in Hollywood, New York or Washington, victims of sexual harassment continue to step forward with accusations against powerful men.

10/27/2017 Friday News Roundup – International : This week, we look at leadership around the globe.  Xi Jinping officially began his second five-year term as China’s president. After those five years are up? It’s anybody guess what will happen next.  Meanwhile in Kenya, boycotts and deadly violence erupt over a controversial “do-over” election.  And a landslide victory for Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party in Japan.

10/27/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : Sniping among Republicans went from the halls of the Senate to the floor of the chamber to the White House lawn this week, as outgoing Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake took aim at President Donald Trump.  Meanwhile, reports confirmed and deepened what had previously been suggested — that Democratic operatives had helped pay for the now-infamous dossier on President Trump. But while it was known that Democrats had helped finance the research, “until now, though, the dossier had not been tied specifically to the Clinton campaign or the DNC,” the Washington Post reports.  A legal battle over an immigrant teenager’s abortion flared up and was resolved.  And in Puerto Rico, a small firm in charge of restoring power to the hurricane-ravaged island apologized after fighting with the mayor of San Juan on Twitter.  We’ll recap these stories and more on the Friday News Roundup.

10/20/2017 Friday News Roundup – International :Stories of fights against militants dominated international news this week:

In other headlines, the Spanish government is cracking down on Catalonian autonomy in response to pushes for independence. And a journalist who covered corruption in Malta was killed in a car bombing attack.  We’ll look into these stories with a panel of international journalists on this week’s International News Roundup.

10/20/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : There was a lot of confusion — perhaps even more than usual — about the state of health care this week. After President Trump signed an executive order and said he’d eliminate Affordable Care Act cost-sharing payments that help low-income recipients pay out-of-pocket expenses, the subsidies seemed to be temporarily reinstated. But then … confusion.  In this edition of the News Roundup, we’ll also ask what the president said, or didn’t say, to the widow of a veteran killed in Niger. And why did he take so long to reach out to the families of the fallen?

Plus another block for Trump’s travel ban and a review of the president’s meeting with Ricardo Rosselló, the governor of Puerto Rico.

10/13/2017 Friday News Roundup – International : As Rex Tillerson works diplomatic channels on the North Korea crisis, the president tweets that his secretary of state is “wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man.” The worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history prompts a global response. World leaders send their condolences and many again ask why the U.S. cannot seem to do anything to resolve its gun violence problem. Australia offers to help and says it is time for America to “get real.” What’s at stake for American credibility overseas? Plus, the independence struggle for Catalans and Kurds, Iranian compliance with the nuclear deal and an ambush of American troops in Niger.

10/13/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : The biggest news stories this week included President Trump questioning news networks’ broadcasting licenses, proposing an IQ test for him and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and escalatingd his feud with Senator Bob Corker, but there was some movement on actual policy and governance.  The president issued an executive order that takes a bite out of the Affordable Care Act. He revised the “soft agreement” he’d struck with Democratic leaders on immigration. And he nominated a new leader of the Department of Homeland Security.   Meanwhile, Congress is moving forward on spending $36.5 billion on disaster relief following severe hurricanes and wildfires.

10/06/2017 Friday News Roundup – International : As Rex Tillerson works diplomatic channels on the North Korea crisis, the president tweets that his secretary of state is “wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man.” The worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history prompts a global response. World leaders send their condolences and many again ask why the U.S. cannot seem to do anything to resolve its gun violence problem. Australia offers to help and says it is time for America to “get real.” What’s at stake for American credibility overseas? Plus, the independence struggle for Catalans and Kurds, Iranian compliance with the nuclear deal and an ambush of American troops in Niger.

10/06/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : President Trump visits San Juan two weeks after Hurricane Maria. He then flies to Las Vegas days after the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Investigators continue their search for a motive as the nation mourns the deaths of 58 people shot by a lone Nevada gunman. Public comments by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to affirm his support for the president seem to highlight tensions between them. Congress grills the former CEO of Equifax over a massive data breach. And Yahoo! discloses an even bigger breach, affecting 3 billion users.

09/29/2017 Friday News Roundup – International : The airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, was the target of a rocket attack this week. The Taliban has claimed responsibility and the group says that U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis was intended to be in the crosshairs. Mattis had left the airport by the time the rocket hit and no one was injured.  Meanwhile, we’re learning more about how ISIS has devastated the Syrian city of Raqqa and how efforts to reclaim the city from the terror group has resulted in countless fatalities of civilians.  We focus on terror abroad and catch up on international news, including how Chad ended up on the latest version of the Trump administration’s travel ban and women behind the wheel in Saudi Arabia.

09/29/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : After another unsuccessful attempt at repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, the GOP is turning to taxes.  The party is pushing a drastic overhaul of the tax code, though, as with healthcare legislative success won’t come easily, if at all. Meanwhile, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has faced scrutiny over his travel habits. People seeking to travel to the United States have new hurdles ahead of them and the president is planning to visit Puerto Rico, where millions of Americans are recovering from devastation brought by Hurricane Maria.

09/22/2017 Friday News Roundup – International : Many Mexicans are holding onto hope that missing relatives and friends will soon be accounted for among the rubble left by a devastating earthquake this week. Meanwhile, another powerful storm threatens the safety of residents in the Caribbean.  The U.S. doled out more sanctions on North Korea following a fiery speech from President Trump to the U.N. General Assembly that resorted to name calling aimed at Kim Jong Un. Trump has also reportedly made a decision about the future of the Iran nuclear deal … although he’s not revealing his hand yet.  Plus, Germany heads to the polls this weekend and a controversial new statue is unveiled in Russia.

09/22/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : A new push to replace the Affordable Care Act is afoot, and the heaviest debate over the legislation is between its sponsor, Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, and late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel.  Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is feeling even more heat in the Russia investigation.  In the Atlantic, Hurricane Maria continues to move northwest.  And after a controversial appearance at the Emmys, Sean Spicer’s week keeps getting worse.

09/15/2017 Friday News Roundup – International : More than 12,000 troops from Russia and Belarus are engaged in war games that have prompted Ukraine’s capital city Kiev to ramp up border security. Is this massive joint military exercise anything to worry about?  Plus, the long process of rebuilding has begun in the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma while residents are on edge that another big storm could strike the already devastated islands.  And we’ll have an update on the growing refugee crisis in Myanmar.

09/15/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic : President Donald Trump has found new bargaining partners on Capitol Hill. After meeting over a meal, the president and Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are close to a deal that would continue the protections of the Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. Many Republicans aren’t happy about the talks.  The president is now in Florida surveying damage from Hurricane Irma. Meanwhile, wildfires continue to burn in the West and Northwest.  In the Senate, many Democrats are signing on to Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for all plan.  And in Baltimore, the Department of Justice has declined to prosecute any of the officers involved in Freddie Gray’s death. Several representatives and senators said they are disappointed, but not surprised.

09/08/2017 Friday News Roundup – International : The island of Barbuda has been effectively wiped out by the record-breaking Hurricane Irma, which also devastated many other island locales, including Anguilla and St. Maarten. And more storms are on the way. How much destruction will this hurricane season bring to the Caribbean?  Speaking of destruction, North Korea seemed to up the ante this week with a supposed hydrogen bomb test that prompted an urgent response from the U.N. and conflicting messages from President Trump.  We’ll also have the latest on the refugee crisis in Myanmar as more than 140,000 Rohingya Muslims flee the country under treacherous conditions.  And Facebook owns up to selling $100,000 in political ads to fake accounts that originated in Russia.

09/08/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic: Congress is back! Now what?  The legislature’s first major deal with the White House this session was steered by… Democratic leaders.  Meanwhile, just days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) would end next year, President Trump tweeted assurance for those affected by DACA, called DREAMers.

09/01/2017 Friday News Roundup – International: North Korea’s latest missile test — this time over Japan — sparked a condemnation from the United Nations Security Council, and this tweet from President Trump.  Flooding in South Asia left over 1,000 people dead.  Iran was found to be upholding its end of the 2015 nuclear accord.  The world remembered Princess Diana on the twentieth anniversary of her death.  And in Kenya, a plastic bag could now cost you thousands of dollars, and a few years in jail.

09/01/2017 Friday News Roundup – Domestic: Harvey dominated the news this week. What’s estimated to be the costliest storm ever dropped trillions of gallons of water on Texas and Louisiana, leaving Houston and many other cities badly flooded.  The storm has shut down oil refineries, and raised concerns about potential chemical leaks.  The storm also led to the suspension of a ban on sanctuary cities in Texas, and questions over how best to help those in Harvey’s path.  And, it wouldn’t be a disaster without hoaxes. Harvey has inspired plenty, from social media pranks to outright scams. But the floating fire ants you’ve seen on Facebook? Those are real.  After record rain, remarkable recoveries and a robust relief effort … now comes the hard part.








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