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Science Friday - June, May of 2017 (Host: I. Flatow)

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July 7, 2017 The hidden wonders you’ll want to hit on a geeky science-themed road trip. And a new Food Failures segment teaches us how to make delicious dishes without turning up the heat.  Food Failures: Too Hot In The Kitchen? Try No-Heat Cooking Hidden Wonders To Hit On Your Science Road Trip

June 30, 2017 From color to crunch, there are subtle cues that make our food taste better. Plus, how safety lapses at national nuclear weapons labs are making dangerous work even more hazardous.  Overlapping Surgeries, A Little Drummer Bird, And Human-Free Hedge Funds The Bad News About California’s Solar Power Boom The Polar Bear Necessities Curiosity Gets An AI Upgrade Flu? There’s A Patch For That Season Your Meal With All Five Senses The Dangerous Work Of Babysitting Bombs (Heard on the Air)  Can You Taste The Color?

June 23, 2017 The cephalopod celebration continues, with a look at technology inspired by the brainy creatures. Plus, a new way to look at fetal health, using the placenta.  Baby Boxes, Singing Fish, And E-DNA Climate Change Could Lead To Coffee Crisis Do We Need Pot To Fight The Opioid Epidemic? Getting To Know The Placenta Kepler Unveils A New Crop Of Exoplanets Caught On Video: How DNA Replicates The Cephalo-Inspired Technology Of The Future

June 16, 2017 Cephalopod Week kicks off with an octopus matchmaker and cephalopod defense moves. And how your mindset might change the way you metabolize a milkshake.  A Gene-Stealing Salamander, A Solar Companion, And French Fry Safety Could An Amazon Pharmacy Be A Prescription For Disaster? Space Life Could Give You An Extra Head (If You’re A Flatworm) The Mindset For A Milkshake Why Theoretical Physics Says The US Is Ungovernable Can The Great Lakes Stay Great? Love And War In The World Of The Cephalopod (Heard on the Air) How Lake Fish Are Coping With Pollution

June 9, 2017 Biochemist and CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna discusses the revolutionary gene-editing tool. Plus, a 300,000-year-old hominid fossil find could possibly widen the boundaries of the “Cradle of Humanity.”  A New Astronaut Class Begins The Journey To The Stars A Home For The Thirty Meter Telescope Is Your Sunscreen Living Up To Its Promise? The Sunscreen Of The Future Can You Hold An Algorithm Accountable? The Road To CRISPR Weighing A Star With Gravity: Einstein’s ‘Impossible’ Experiment The Hottest Known Exoplanet Is (Probably) Slowly Melting Away Fossil Finds Could Mean A Wider ‘Cradle Of Humanity’

June 2, 2017 Scientists using LIGO have detected the third gravitational wave since 2015. And a surgical technique that could bring feeling back to people with bionic limbs.  Trump Pulls US From Climate Agreement Winners And Losers In Warming Northeast Waters Spreading The Word About The ‘Mother Of Wi-Fi’ Why Are Allergies So Dang Hard To Get Rid Of? Bringing Sensation To Bionic Limbs Need A Boost? Try An Exosuit LIGO Scientists Detect Another Cosmic Collision

May 26, 2017 A look at the first data to come back from the Juno mission’s trip to Jupiter. Plus, Leland Melvin talks about his journey from professional football player, to astronaut.  Why Are Whales Whale-Sized? Can You Fidget Away Your Anxiety? On Being A Scientist (And Patent Holder) At Any Age Digesting The White House’s ‘Devastating’ Cuts To Science Funding Magnus Hirschfeld, The ‘Einstein Of Sex’ Chasing Space: Astronaut Leland Melvin’s Journey From Sports To Space The Many Uses Of ‘Useless’ Research Jupiter Surprises In Its Closeup

May 19, 2017 We’ve got some soil science to help your garden spring into shape. Plus, an update on the effort to bring more science to the forensics used in criminal investigations.  From Alberta’s Oil Sands, A Dinosaur ‘Mummy’ With Skin Intact Your Airline Will See You Now There’s Less Science In Forensic Science Than You Think Weighing A Stockpile Of Computer Threats Prospecting For Martian Gold In Antarctica Getting Inside The Head Of A Muskox Sprucing Up Your Springtime Soils

May 12, 2017 Homo naledi, an ancient hominin species, may have roamed Africa with early humans. Plus, 50 years after consumer microwaves, why do they make so many people nervous?  Are We Ready For A Climate Change Refugee Crisis? The Ups And Downs Of Bird Tracking Devices Introducing Our New Show: Undiscovered But Really, Can You Stand In Front Of The Microwave? Sea Spray’s Tie To The Sky How Older Brains Could Benefit From Marijuana The Comeback Of The New Zealand Sea Lion Pup Ancient Homo Naledi May Have Walked Alongside Early Humans

May 5, 2017 When the sky goes dark during the solar eclipse, what will scientists be observing about our nearest star? Plus, the little sea creature that builds a big house—made of mucus.  Cassini Acrobatics, Phishing, And The Evolution Of A Skunk Despite Investment, A Shortage Of Spacesuits Between A Rock And A Hard Place, Life Thrives What Happens When ‘The Sun Throws A Glitter Bomb’ Borne To Be Wild The House That Snot Built The Science Behind ‘Hitting The Wall’ The Solar Science That Happens During A Total Eclipse



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