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2012 Election: presidential primary & party convention

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2012 Republican National Convention  

2012 Democratic National Convention  

Close Read: Examining Obama's Acceptance Speech   (NPR, 9/07) For a close read of President Obama's acceptance speech, S. Inskeep and R. Montagne talk to NPR White House Correspondent S. Horsley, Health Policy Correspondent J. Rovner, and Business Correspondent Y. Noguchi. We're checking meanings behind some of the phrases, as we did with Romney's speech one week ago.  

Scrutinizing Points In Romney's Acceptance Speech  (NPR, 8/31) For a close read of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's acceptance speech, S. Inskeep and D. Greene talk to three NPR reporters. J. Rovner covers health care, J. Zarroli business and A. Shapiro is traveling with the Romney campaign. 

Transcript: Vice President Joe Biden's DNC Speech (ABC News, 9/06)

Text of Obama’s acceptance speech the Democratic National Convention (WP, 9/06) Text of President Barack Obama’s remarks Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention, as provided by the Obama campaign.

Bill Clinton DNC Speech Text, Transcript: Democratic National Convention 2012 Highlights (Christian Post by  Daniel Blake , 9/06) "Former U.S. President Bill Clinton delivered his speech on the second day of the Democratic National Convention, first praising President Barack Obama, but then going on to strongly rebuke the Republican presidential campaign. ..."

Transcript: Mitt Romney's Acceptance Speech (NPR, 8/30) Transcript of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's acceptance speech as prepared for delivery at the Republican National Convention.

Paul Ryan Addresses GOP Convention: "We Don't Have Much Time" (RealClearPolitics, 8/29)  Paul Ryan today delivered remarks to the Republican National Convention ... It all started off with stirring ...

Rape, Abortion And Akin’s Remarks (NPR OnPoint w. Tom Ashbrook, 8/21)  On August 19, Akin said in a TV interview that women’s bodies can prevent pregnancies in “a legitimate rape” and that conception is rare in such cases. (AP) ... Akin said that in “legitimate rape” women rarely get pregnant.  That their bodies have “ways to try to shut that whole thing down. Now Democrats are in an uproar.  Republicans, too. ... He’s worked very closely with Paul Ryan on abortion. ...

Obama Campaign Responds to Ryan Pick (Time by By Mark Halperin, 8/11)  "... chosen a leader of the House Republicans who shares his commitment to the flawed theory that new budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy, while placing greater burdens on the middle class and seniors, will somehow deliver a stronger economy. The architect ... proposed an additional $250,000 tax cut for millionaires, and deep cuts in education .... His plan also would end Medicare as we know it ... catastrophic mistakes.”

Paul Ryan is Romney’s VP pick, setting up stark choice on budget issues(WP by and , 8/11) "Republican Mitt Romney reset  the race for the presidency as a battle over the size and scope of the federal government Saturday, choosing as his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the architect of the GOP’s plans to slash spending and overhaul Medicare. ... "

Election 2012: Economy does Obama no favors (CNN b 7/19) "Unless the economy mounts a dramatic turnaround, President Obama will be forced to ask voters for a second term while the unemployment rate sits north of 8%. ..."

Super PACs And The 2012 Presidential Election (NPR Diane Rehm Show 7/11/12) Super PACs have been called the wild card in this years presidential election. Following the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision on Citizens United these groups are allowed to accept unlimited donations and advocate for and against specific candidates. By November 2012 super PACs aligned with Governor Mitt Romney estimate they will have raised about $800 million dollars, about eight times what the pro-Obama super PAC hopes to bring in.

Tax Rates And The Presidential Campaign (NPR Diane Rehm Show 7/10/12) President Barack Obama called for a one-year extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for those making less than $250,000. Diane and her guests discuss tax rates, sluggish growth in the U.S. economy and the 2012 presidential campaign. Guests: Jason Furman - assistant to the president for economic policy; principal deputy director of the National Economic Council; David Wessel - economics editor, The Wall Street Journal; author "In Fed We Trust"; Chris Edwards -  director, Tax Policy Studies; editor,, Cato Institute; Alan S. Blinder - professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton University; former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

'Barack Obama: The Story' (NPR Kojo Nnamdi Show 7/5/12) Barack Obama's life story is shrouded in mythology and anecdotes -- some fabricated by his political adversaries, some crafted by the president himself through his memoir. In "Barack Obama: The Story," journalist and biographer David Maraniss examines the true story of our 44th president. Kojo chats with Maraniss about the art of crafting a biography and the stories he unearthed about Obama. David Maraniss - author "Barack Obama: The Story" (Simon & Schuster); also Associate Editor, The Washington Post  

Wisconsin Recall Results (NPR Diane Rehm Show 6/6/12) Governor Scott Walker survived an attempt to oust him from office. Wisconsin voters also gave him a place in history: It was the first time a U.S. governor has won a recall election. The recall campaign came about after the Republican governor stripped away collective bargaining rights for public workers. Walker's win was a blow for Democrats and unions. ... a bellwether for the 2012 presidential race remains to be seen.

Romney mathematically clinches GOP presidential nomination (Yahoo!  5/29, by Holly Bailey) Mitt Romney mathematically clinched the Republican nomination for president on Tuesday, ... enough delegates from his win in the Texas primary to pass the 1,144 needed to secure ...

Newsweek’s Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama: The First Gay President  (The Daily Beast -- In Newsweek Magazine 5/13,  by Andrew Sullivan) The president’s bold support shifted the mainstream. Andrew Sullivan on why it shouldn't be surprising—Obama’s life as a biracial man has deep ties to the gay experience.

All 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination Polling Data (Real Clear Politics)

Super Tuesday (NYTimes, Editorial, 3/6) This primary campaign has broken records for its lack of ideas and a surfeit of ugly rhetoric.

Super PACs And Big Money In Politics (On Point with Tom Ashbrook, 2/9/2012) Republican super PACs and billionaires are pouring millions into American politics. Now team Obama has joined the fray. We’ll look at giant money and the vote.

The Washington Post Politics CAMPAIGN 2012 The Contenders

   Rick Santorum is long on substance, short on support (12/15/2011, by Melinda Henneberger)

   Ron Paul: The Alternative Candidate is a force to be reckoned with(12/14/2011, by Joel Achenbach)

   Newt Gingrich: The GOP’s eccentric big thinker and bomb-thrower (12/13/2011, by Steve Hendrix)

   Michele Bachmann’s certainty is her greatest strength, biggest weakness (12/12/2011, by Donna St. George)

   Rick Perry is confident, but is he ready?  (12/11/2011,  by Michael Leahy) 

   Mitt Romney, the problem solver  (12/10/2011,  by Ann Gerhart)

Romney Is Focus as Battle in G.O.P. Takes Sharp Edge (The New York Times, 1/8/2012, by JIM RUTENBERG and ) ... Two days before the first primary of the Republican nominating process, Mr. Romney remained a solid favorite here on Tuesday and beyond. But the winnowed cast of candidates who lag behind him was hatching competing plans to outlast one another through the next few nominating contests, starting with the traditionally bruising primary in South Carolina, which votes on Jan. 21...

Iowa caucus entrance polls: Romney, Paul and Santorum in 3-way race  (CBS News 1/3/2012, by  Stephanie Condon) Three way race for the Republican presidential nomination among Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.

Iowa GOP caucus 2012: Gingrich v Romney with seven days to go  ( 12/27/2011, Richard Adams's blog)  Former House Speaker now leads favorite Romney in key states

Cain exit sparks Gingrich poll surge in Republican race for the White House (The Independent 12/07/2011)  Former House Speaker now leads favorite Romney in key states

Newt Gingrich Meets With Donald Trump and Other Strange Events (The New York Times 12/05/2011, by ANDREW ROSENTHAL)  The Loyal Opposition From the desk of ANDREW ROSENTHAL

Defense cuts, immigration policy: Key moments in Tuesday night’s GOP presidential debate(Washington Post PostPolitics 11/23/2011, by AP)  Key moments in Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate

7 Worst Presidential-Debate Blunders (Video) (The Daily Beast 11/10/2011,  by Brittany Jones-Cooper)

GOP Candidates Target Housing Market, Tax Reform and Bailouts in Latest Debate  (Fox News 11/9/2011)

Herman Cain discredits himself  (Washington Post Opinion 11/8/2011, by )

Cain’s Problem Could Soon be the Republican Party’s (NationalJournal 11/2/2011, by Kathy Kiely)

Burns & Haberman On 2012  (Polico 2012 Live) 

Herman Cain tweaks 999 plan to help lower-income Americans, and himself  (Washington Post PostPolitics 10/21/2011, by Perry Bacon Jr.)

The Debate in Vegas: BAM! POW!! OOOF!!! (Time Swampland 10/19/2011, by Joe Klein)

Citizen Cain (In Newsweek Magazine 10/17/2011, by Michael Daly) 



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