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The dreams of a male dummy (5) US Senate passed Health-Care Bill

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Friend (F):  “Hi, did you hear that US Senate passed Health-Care Bill?  We soon will be officially a developed country. How do you think?”
Dummy(D): “Well, big deal!  The Uncle Sam would have more authority over our life! You know, Government is part of our problem,   according to President Regan.  He is one of greatest US Presidents. National Regan Air Port is named after him.”
F:             “What is matter with you, wise guy?  Why you have to bring him in?”
D:             “Since you recognize I am a wise man, I explain it to you now.  We are a capitalistic country, and are a free market society. Less      government is better. He advocated less government with passion, and a lot of American admired him for this.”
F:             “OK!  So, what kind of health-care bill would you support?”
D:            “In 2003, President G.W. Bush put his Medicare proposal at the top of his domestic agenda, emphasizing its market-driven solutions and the privatization of the personal Social Security accounts, and options to permit Americans to divert a portion of their Social Security tax (FICA) into secured investments.  Should it pass, would we all have more authority over our hard earning money.  We would happily manage our own investment accounts. You know, it’s an human nature that we would be happier and more energetic if we should be assumed  more sponsibility on our own life.”    
F:           “Hold it!  A lot of people just can not manage the investment account, or the like. hen they are old and retired, if Bush’s plan should pass, they would have far less money to survive, especially in the medical care arena. They most likely die earlier.”
D:          “This is one of great and secret things about the Bush’ plan. It is a well known fact that the Medicare and SS systems would be broken soon,  if we should NOT do anything about it, because we are getting more retirees than the workers. So, one of sure solution is  to have more workers, or to have less retirees. If you are NOT useful to the society, would it be one of solutions to die  earlier?”
Bang!  Bang!  I was outside the bed.  And, my beloved wife was screaming, “What !? You said I am not useful!? You want me die earlier!?”

Note: Bold words are not expressed in a dream.



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