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The dreams of a male dummy (16) Spring is around the corner

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The dreams of a male dummy (16) Spring is around the corner

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--- Winter is almost over! Can the same be said about the recession?!

Friend:   “Finally, spring is around the corner.  We have had enough of snow this year!”

I:          “Technically, not quite… - it may come again later, say December.  It’s interesting to me why the season, winter, is divided into two years.”

F:         “You know, in the New York, New Jersey area, there were huge rains last week.  The rains forced the stores to close for a couple of days.  What is going on!?”

I:          “Don’t forget the series of earthquakes: Haiti, Chile, Formosa, Japan, Turkey.  Are they some kind of omens?!  Let’s talk about something else, something personal!  Good or bad, at least we may have more control over them.  So maybe we won’t panic when we think of them!”

F:         “You want me to talk about something personal?  Then, I have to tell you something that’s been bugging me all time lately.”

I:          “That doesn’t sound good.  Go ahead and tell me.  Maybe I can see it from a different perspective.”

F:         “At the beginning of the winter, I bought a coat from Old Navy because the one I bought from there about five years ago was too old and worn out for me to wear when I accompany my beloved wife shopping.  Now, my new coat already has a couple of holes in it.  I think I will have to buy another one before the New Year.  I hope we can afford it then.  I hope we both still have jobs.  I hate those big companies.  They should know how tight average people are in this recession.”

I:          “I think they do. They also know that in order to recover soon and to have a strong economy again, the ordinary people have got to start spending, and to keep spending.”   

F:         “Do you think the reason they come out with beautiful but bad quality goods is because they want to encourage wasteful spending?!  They should receive the Best Humanity Service Award!  Our Wiseman!”

I:          “You don’t have to get so excited.  I think their intention is most likely to profit or to profit more.  For you and me, in order to be happier, or at least less upset, we should think we are going to have new and beautiful clothes to wear, when we have to buy a new coat.  And, when we spend the money, just think we are playing our part in the recovery.”

F:         “Oh yeah!”

I:          “If you have this kind of mentality, you may spend, and keep spending…

Bang! Bang! I was outside the bed. And, my beloved wife was screaming:

"You want to spend and keep spending!?  You better work and keep working!

I replied, “If the average people don’t spend the money, our economy won’t recover.  Isn’t that what we learned in MIT?”

She shouted back, “What I have learned from life is that the rich people should spend more, and should give money to the average people for spending.  Oh, what hell is going on here!  You’re talking back to me now?!?!


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