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Immigration Reform & News

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Immigration | Donald J Trump for President Federation for American Immigration Reform | Facebook

Immigration and Emigration America's Voice: Immigration Reform Immigration Reform Blog

Immigration Reform [PDF]Immigration Reform - Donald J Trump for President

US Immigration News | Guiding You Through Citizenship, Green Card, Visas and Passport Applications

Immigration: Latest News, Top Stories & Analysis - POLITICO Federation for American Immigration Reform - FAIRUS

Trump says he is suspending immigration over coronavirus …

(NBCnews, 4/20/20)  Trump says he is suspending immigration over coronavirus, need to protect jobs The president partly attributed the suspension, which he said will enact by …

Read: Supreme Court order and Justice Sonia Sotomayor's dissent on asylum rule (CNN, 9/11) The Supreme Court cleared the way for the Trump administration's rule ... to claim asylum to go into effect while the appeals process plays out.

Citizenship will no longer be automatic for children of some US military members living overseas (CNN, 8/28) The Trump administration is making it more difficult for the children of some US service members and US government employees living abroad to automatically become US

Trump Admin Rolls Out New Rule To Restrict Legal Immigration (TPM, 8/12)President Donald Trump’s administration rolled out a new rule on Monday that would penalize legal immigrants if they use public benefits. According to the rule

READ: US-Mexico joint declaration on migration - CNNPolitics (6/7) Their joint declaration says Mexico will take "unprecedented steps" to increase enforcement in order to curb irregular migration, including the deployment of …

Federal judge blocks Trump from using Defense funds for border wall (5/24, CNN) — A federal judge on Friday night blocked President Donald Trump from tapping into Defense Department funds to build parts of his US-Mexico border wall. In a 56-page ruling, Judge

Trump Declares a National Emergency, and Provokes a … (NYT, 2/15)  Trump’s Emergency Declaration Is the First Since 9/11 to Authorize Military Action. Here’s how President Trump’s border wall fits on the list of emergency declarations   Legal challenges to Trump emergency declaration face … National emergency: Fact-checking Trump's speech - Trump Declares National Emergency to Fund His Border Wall

State of the Union: What presidents said on immigration (Corpus Christi Caller-Times, 2/4/19) State of the Union: What these U.S. presidents said about immigration may surprise you President Trump isn't the first to use the State of the Union to talk about immigration. What these past …   State Of The Union Guests: Immigrants, Federal Workers … (NPR)

'I Will Shut Down the Government.' Trump Makes Threat Over … (Yahoo, 12/11) In a testy meeting with Democratic leaders in the Oval Office on Tuesday, President Donald Trump demanded billions to build a border wall and said he’s willing to shut down the government later this month to get it.  Images of immigration wall trump fed shut down

Trump has whipped up a frenzy on the migrant caravan. Here ... - Politico (23)  Federal judge blocks Trump from deporting hundreds of thousands of … (UT, 10/3) Federal judge blocks Trump from deporting hundreds of thousands of ... hundreds of thousands of immigrants to legally live and work in the U.S. for decades. ... The Department of Homeland Security, which manages TPS, has …

'Shameful': US slashes number of refugees it will admit to 30,000 … (9/17) 'Shameful': US slashes number of refugees it will admit to 30,000. US to cap number of refugees allowed into country to a record low of 30,000 …   Trump Is Slashing the Number of Refugee Admissions - The AtlanticFederal judge refuses to shut down DACA program - NBC News(8/31) Federal judge Andrew Hanen of Texas refused Friday to shut down the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as …  DACA: Trump just lost his best chance to kill DACA this year - Vox

Judge halts mother-daughter deportation, threatens to hold Sessions … (WP, 8/9)  Judge halts mother-daughter deportation, threatens to hold Sessions in contempt ... and threatened to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt after ... “This is pretty outrageous,” U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan … Judge halts deportation of mother and daughter, threatens Jeff ... - PBS "This is pretty outrageous”: Judge threatens Sessions with contempt …

Judge Upholds Order for Trump Administration to Restore DACA - The … (NYT, 8/3) A federal judge on Friday upheld his previous order to revive an ... April that the administration must restore the DACA program and accept new … Judge upholds ruling that DACA must be restored - CNNPolitics

Federal appeals court rules Trump sanctuary city order unconstitutional (UsaToday, 8/1)  A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that President Donald Trump exceeded his authority when he threatened to withhold funds from … Trump's order threatening to withhold funding from 'sanctuary cities' is …

GOP compromise immigration bill defeated on House floor | Fox News (6/27)  A sprawling, compromise GOP immigration bill that would have provided a path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants while directing $25 ... House Defeats GOP Immigration Bill - WSJ

The Supreme Court has upheld President Donald Trump's travel ban (6/26). Supreme Court Dissent Sees Double Standard on Travel Ban | Time

Lawmakers Question Trump Officials On Family Separation Policy : NPR (31).  Detained U.S. Asylum Seekers Must Get Parole Reviews, Judge Says …(7/2). White House reasserts zero tolerance policy as Border Patrol ... - Politico (6/25) White House reasserts zero tolerance policy as Border Patrol suspends it ... to suspend zero tolerance may ease a growing housing crunch for ...  Why Republicans are wasting their time on an immigration bill.

House GOP: Trump's immigration plea may fall short - POLITICO (6/19) President Donald Trump told House Republicans to send him an immigration bill dealing with Dreamers and migrant families being separated ... Trump offers support for House GOP immigration bill, but it may not be ...

Thousands of kids still haven't been reunited with their parents - CNN (28). Trump Resisting a Growing Wrath for Separating Migrant Families ... (NYT, 6/18) President Trump and members of his cabinet dug their heels in amid a growing outcry over his policy of separating families at the border. Trump may add immigration section to speech - CNNPolitics -

Despite Trump threats, U.S. officials allow caravan members to seek ... (WP, 5/1) For weeks, President Trump has expressed alarm about a caravan of Central American migrants heading for the United States and vowed to keep them out. But on Tuesday, U.S. officials allowed small groups of the asylum seekers across the border, bowing to U.S. and international law ... Eight women, children from Central American 'caravan' first to enter ...

Texas, Six States Sue Trump Administration to End DACA | Time (5/1). US Must Resume DACA and Accept New Applications, Federal Judge ... (NYT, 4/24) In the biggest setback yet for the Trump administration in its attempt to end a program that shields some undocumented young adults from deportation, a federal judge ruled Tuesday that the protections must stay in place and that the government must resume accepting new applications. Judge John D.  Third federal judge issues strongest order yet backing DACA

Reality check on Trump's border war - CNNPolitics - (6). Trump Wants to Send Up to 4,000 Troops to Mexcan Border | Time (5). Trump sending National Guard troops to Mexico border, but they won't ... (NBC, 4/4) Trump sending National Guard troops to Mexico border, but they won't have contact with immigrants. President Bush had a similar policy in 2006 called Operation Jump Start. by Julia Ainsley and Hallie Jackson / Apr.04.2018 / 10:55 AM ET / Updated 5:30 PM ET. Texas National Guard soldiers monitor the U.S.-Mexico ...

Dreamers Aren't Safe Just Because Courts Ruled Against Trump On ... (HP, 3/5) Dreamers Aren't Safe Just Because Courts Ruled Against Trump On DACA. Congress failed to act by March 5 to help Dreamers. That matters.  DACA 'deadline' marks only inaction - CNNPolitics - DACA: Talking to Recipients Five Years Later - Time Magazine Trump Ends DACA, Calls On Congress To Act : NPR

Supreme Court Turns Down Trump's Appeal in 'Dreamers' Case ( 2/26) The Supreme Court on Monday declined an unusual White House request that it immediately decide whether the Trump administration can shut down a program that shields some 700,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation. ... The Supreme Court’s decision not to ... U.S.: Justices Turn Down Trump's Appeal in 'Dreamers' Case - Viral ...

America No Longer A 'Nation Of Immigrants,' USCIS Says : The Two ... (NPR, 2/22) United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is changing its mission statement to eliminate a passage that describes the U.S. as "a nation of immigrants." ... The removal of the phrase "nation of immigrants" was announced to agency staff in an email letter from Director L ...  US immigration agency updates statement to no longer say 'nation of ... USCIS says Trump was not the reason it dropped 'nation of immigrants ...

Bipartisan immigration bill surfaces, but Trump knocks it down ... Trump Insists Again on a Wall, as Immigration, Spending Deadlines ... CHART: How Trump's Immigration Proposal Compares With Other Plans. Trump shoots down McCain-Coons immigration DACA plan - (5) Top labor boss says Trump is right about broken immigration system ... (4).  Polls show Americans are closer to Democrats than Donald Trump on ... (2/3). Trump's Speech Leaves Two Sides Further Apart Than Ever on ... (NYT, 31) But if Mr. Trump believed the line in his State of the Union address would help bring the sides together for the bipartisan agreement he says he seeks, he received little encouragement on Wednesday. The two sides appeared further apart than ever. Although Mr. Trump characterized his immigration ... 

Trump puts path to citizenship for some 'dreamers' on the table in immigration deal (WP, 1/24) President Trump said for the first time Wednesday that he is open to a path to citizenship for some younger undocumented immigrants known as "dreamers" in an immigration deal being negotiated by Congress, a potential breakthrough in the stalled talks. In an impromptu discussion with reporters, Trump ... Trump Says He Is Open to a Path to Citizenship for 'Dreamers' - The ... The DACA deal that Congress is still working on in spite of Trump ...

Appeals Court Rules Against Latest Travel Ban - The New York Times(12/22).  Trump Travel Ban to Take Effect After Supreme Court Ruling - NYT ... (12/4) The decision was a victory for the administration after its mixed success before the court over the summer, when justices considered and later dismissed disputes over the second version.  Supreme Court lets full Trump travel ban take effect - CNNPolitics Trump's travel ban on six Muslim-majority countries to be fully enacted ...

ICE arrests hundreds of immigrants in 'sanctuary cities' around the ... (LAT, 9/28) Overall, ICE said it arrested nearly 500 people across the country .... 6 p.m.: Updated with background on sanctuary cities in California.  Source: ICE targeting 'sanctuary cities' with raids - CNNPolitics

Supreme Court lifts restrictions on Trump travel ban - News JS(9/12)   Supreme Court allows broad enforcement of travel ban - at least for a ... (9/11)  Appeals Court Limits Trump Travel Ban and Allows More Refugees ... (NYT, 9/7) The court exempted grandparents, other family members and thousands of refugees from President Trump's travel ban, now under Supreme ...  Trump's travel ban may expire before it reaches the Supreme Court ... Appeals Court Rejects Family Limits In Trump Travel Ban : The Two ...

Trump Moves to End DACA and Calls on Congress to Act - The New ...(NYT, 9/5) As President Trump moves to end the Obama-era program that shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation, listen to a few of the ... What is DACA and why is the Trump administration ending ... - Fox News Democrats Look To Trump On DREAM Act After He Puts Expiration ... The clock is ticking on DACA. Here's how young immigrants and their ... Stephen Bannon says he fears DACA will ignite GOP ... - NY Daily News

Trump Supports Plan to Cut Legal Immigration by Half - The New York ... (8/2) President Trump embraced a proposal on Wednesday to slash legal immigration to the United States in half within a decade ...  Trump and senators seek to slash legal immigration - Reuters

Immigration Reform: House Passes Two Bills to Crack Down on Illegal ... (Christianpost, 7/10) The Republican-led House passed two bills on Thursday, June 29, which are intended to crack down on undocumented immigrants as well as ...  House passes Kate's Law, as part of illegal immigrant crackdown | Fox ...

House cracks down on illegal immigrants with bills backed by Trump ... (Reuters, 6/29) WASHINGTON Bills backed by U.S. President Donald Trump to crack down on illegal immigrants passed the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday, drawing criticism from immigration activists and others who called them a threat to civil liberties. ... "I applaud the House for passing ...  House GOP backs bills to crack down on illegal immigration - ABC News

Supreme Court allows parts of travel ban to take effect - (6/27) The Supreme Court Monday allowed parts of President Donald Trump's travel ban to go into effect and will hear oral arguments on the case this fall. ... The court is allowing the ban to go into effect for foreign nationals who lack any "bona fide relationship with any ... Trump travel ban: US issues new visa criteria for 6 Muslim nations ... Homeland Security: 'We expect implementation' of Trump's travel ban ...

Federal appeals court maintains freeze of Trump's travel ban. Attorney general vows Supreme Court appeal. (WP, 5/25) A federal appeals court on Thursday left in place the freeze on President Trump's revised entry ban, handing the administration another legal setback in its efforts to block the issuance of new visas to citizens of six Muslim-majority countries.  Donald Trump » Executive Order 13769 » United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit » Appeals Court Will Not Reinstate Trump's Revised Travel BanRule - DocumentCloudOnly the Supreme Court Can Save Trump's Travel Ban Now
Trump’s budget is hiding a ‘radical’ change in immigration law — and it could mean war for sanctuary cities (Businessinsider, 5/24) Trump's budget is hiding a 'radical' change in immigration law — and it ... where it is likely to shrivel up and die," the immigration reform group ...
The Latest: 30 immigrants getting 2-year extensions - ABC News (5/12)Surrounded by her children, Jeanette Vizguerra, front center, a Mexican immigrant who has lived in a church to avoid immigration authorities for ...

Why Comprehensive Immigration Reform May Be Next On Trump's ... (Huffingtonpost, 5/8) Why Comprehensive Immigration Reform May Be Next On Trump's Agenda. Wishful thinking? Consider this.   Editorial: Congress should finally pass immigration reform

Trump takes first step toward H-1B reform - Apr. 18, 2017 - CNN Money President Trump has set the wheels in motion for H-1B visa reform. On Tuesday ... The order included a section geared at immigration reform.

Sessions orders prosecutors to crack down on illegal immigration (CBS, 4/11) Sessions urges prosecutors to crack down on immigration enforcement to stop gangs and cartels from ...Justice Dept. to end 'catch and release' immigration policy ... Sessions makes clear: It's 'Trump era' of immigration ... - ABC News President Trump's claim that illegal immigration is down 64 percent ...

Immigration Reform 2017: Billions In H-1B Funds Wasted, Report Finds (IBT, 4/10)  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' suspension of the premium processing route for its H-1B visa program, effective April 3, will cost the ...

Opinion: Immigration reform could be the win that Trump and the economy need (Market watch, 3/27)  President Donald Trump needs a win, and immigration reform is a good candidate that could help rev up the economy, writes Peter Morici.

Trump admin to appeal travel ban rulings 'soon' (CNN, 3/16)  White House press secretary Sean Spicer confirmed Thursday that the Trump administration plans to appeal rulings from two federal judges that have temporarily blocked the revised travel ban. 7 things Trump and his advisers have said about the travel ban that wound up hurting them in courtDershowitz: Why the Supreme Court will uphold Trump's travel banTrump, Defeated Again on the Travel Ban, Is Still Trapped in His CampaignWho Undercut President Trump's Travel Ban? Candidate Trump

New York Guides ‘Sanctuary’ Cities After Trump Immigration Order (Bloomberg, 3/12) New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued new legal guidance to cities weighing “sanctuary” policies to protect immigrants affected ...

It’s not just deportations and the border: Trump seeks to remake the immigration system (WP, 3/6) President Trump's challenge to Congress last week to pursue bipartisan immigration reform seemed at first glance like a presumptuous request ...

New Trump Deportation Rules Allow Far More Expulsions (NYT, 2/21) Mexicans deported from the U.S. walked to a repatriation center in Tijuana in June 2016. Credit Guillermo Arias/Agence France-Presse - Getty Images.  United States Department of Homeland Security » Illegal immigration » John F. Kelly » Trump Targets Many More Immigrants For Possible DeportationA nation of immigrants enters dark chapterMemos signed by DHS secretary describe sweeping new guidelines for deporting illegal immigrantsNeither San Diego – Nor California – Is a Sanctuary for the UndocumentedImmigration policy of Donald Trump

New Rules, Fresh Concern On Immigration (NRP 1A, 2/21) The president’s promise to get tough on immigration has taken an important step forward ... Late last week, Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly signed a pair of memos outlining plans for the agency to hire thousands of additional enforcement agents, ... A White House official says the memos are drafts ...

Immigration policy in 2017? Good luck with that, say veterans

Trump presses senators to work again on immigration reform

Court Refuses to Reinstate Travel Ban, Dealing Trump Another Legal Loss

Not just 'bad hombres': Trump is targeting up to 8 million people for ...

Trump draft executive order full of sound and fury on immigration, welfare and deportation

Immigration Reform 2017: Trump Administration New H-1B Visa Rule Could Hurt High-Skilled Foreign Workers

Immigration Reform 2017: As Donald Trump Starts Term, Is The Number Of Immigrants Entering The USA Growing?

Immigration Reform 2017: Deportations, Detention Increase A 'Human Rights Crisis Waiting To Happen' 7 Principles of True Comprehensive Immigration Reform | Federation ...

Immigration Reform Under Donald Trump: Mayors Urge Obama To Protect DACA, Fix Deportation Immigration Reform Under Donald Trump: Mayors Urge Obama to ... (12/30) Democrats Seek To Protect Dreamers From Deportation Under ... (11/17).

Immigration: The Year In Review And What's In Store For 2017 Immigration Priorities for the 2017 Presidential Transition (  California Immigration Reform 2017: Democrats Ready Bills To Stop ... (IBT)

Immigrants study up on how to cope with life under Trump | Immigration (Dallas news, 12/23)

Shutting out refugees is easy. Trump must also stop illegal immigration. (The Hill, 12/23)

To Combat Illegal Immigration, Trump Should Target Latin America's Hezbollah-Narco Nexus (Foreign Po licy, 12/23)

Immigration Reform 2016: Chicago Vows $1M For Undocumented ... (IB Times, 12/5) Chicago has planned to commit $1 million to establish a legal defense fund for undocumented immigrants at risk of deportation under ...

Trump's Ideas Man For Hard-Line Immigration Policy - The New Yorker (New Yorker, 11/22)

Supreme Court Refuses to Rehear Immigration Reform Proposal ... (USNews, 10/3)


Barack Obama's Executive Actions Run Into Roadblocks in the Courts

Wall Street Journal - ‎(6/23)
The Supreme Court deadlock that led to the defeat of President Barack Obama's plan to shield millions of people from deportation was just the latest judicial check on the ambitions of his administration.

Immigration Reform 2016: Undocumented Immigrant Children's ...

Immigration Reform 2016: Obama Executive Action Supreme Court ... The brief was submitted by the lobbying group, which was founded by Zuckerberg and others to champion immigration reform, the Hill ...

Immigration Reform 2016: In South Carolina Primary, Here's Why Latinos Won't Vote For Cruz, Rubio Or Trump Immigration Reform 2016: Bernie Sanders Staffer Becomes First Undocumented Immigrant Lawyer In NY (IB Times)  Immigration Reform: 2016 Republican Debate Shows It's off the Table (National Review Online )

Immigration Reform 2016: Do Federal Raids Need Warrants? Undocumented Immigrants Denied Civil Rights, Advocates Say

Immigration Reform News: Activist Hold Rally in Chicago Against Obama's Deportation Raids

Immigration Reform 2016: Obama Administration New H-1B Visa Rule Helps High-Skilled Foreign Workers

Immigration Reform 2016: New NYC Program Helps Undocumented Immigrants Avoid Deportation, Obtain Work Permits

Immigration Reform 2015: Government Shutdown Debate Focuses On H-2B Visas For Foreign Workers

Immigration Reform 2015: Should Undocumented Immigrants Be Included In 'One Person, One Vote' Supreme Court Case? Justices To Hear Arguments

Obama takes immigration reform to Supreme Court Key question in immigration court fight: Is Obama enforcing deportation laws ... (Kanasas City Star)  Related Barack Obama » Immigration » President Obama wants immigration reform, but his way Immigration limbo

Immigration Reform News 2015: Judge Gives Texas Officials Authority to Deny Birth Certificates to the Children of Immigrant Parents

Hillary Clinton & Martin O’Malley Spar over Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform 2015: Can Pope Francis' US Visit Shift Debate On Immigrants?

Immigration Reform 2015: Donald Trump NYC KKK Protest Staged By Undocumented Immigrant Causes A Commotion

Immigration Reform news: Pro-immigrant group to help immigrants become naturalized citizens; Clinton says reform will be helpful to undocumented workers

Immigration Reform 2015: Judge Strikes Down Obama Policy On Family Detention Of Undocumented Immigrants, Demands Release Of All Children

Donald Trump says illegal immigrants ‘have to go.’ Only 31 percent of Republicans agree.

Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, August 14, 2015

Immigration Reform 2015: Increase Of Immigrants In US Supported By Just 25% Of Americans, Poll Finds

Immigration Reform 2015: Immigrant Families Surging Again At US Border, Homeland Security Says

Immigration Reform 2015: Immigrant Green Card Approvals Outnumber Population Of Iowa, New Hampshire And ... Immigration Reform 2015: California Wants To Bypass Feds ... (7/13)   Immigration Reform 2015: Obama Executive Action Lawsuit ... (7/9)  Immigration Reform 2015: Undocumented Immigrants ... (7/6)

Jeb Bush unveils border security, immigration reform planFact check: Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush on immigration ... (CNN, 7/9)  Hillary Clinton on immigration and the GOP race 02:09 ... former Florida governor -- seen by many as one of the most pro-immigration reform ...

Immigration Reform 2015: Obama Immigrant Policy Raises $422M From DACA Application Fees, Remains Controversial Among GOP

Work On Obama's Immigration Reform Programs Halted After Legal Setbacks: Report

Immigration Reform 2015: Obama Executive Action Not Lifted By Federal Court

Must-Read News On Immigration Reform / “Qué Pasa” In Immigration Reform, May 26, 2015

US court backs hold on Obama immigration action

Must-Read News On Immigration Reform / “Qué Pasa” In Immigration Reform, May 18, 2015

Unaccompanied Child Migrants From Central America: Where Are They Now?

Immigration Reform 2015: Obama's Executive Action On Illegal Immigrants Faces Upcoming Circuit Court Decision

Must-Read News On Immigration Reform / “Qué Pasa” In Immigration Reform, May 11, 2015

Immigration Reform 2015: Texas Republican Clash Stalls Bills In State Senate, House

Must-Read News On Immigration Reform / “Qué Pasa” In Immigration Reform, May 4, 2015

Immigration Reform 2015: Texas Republican Clash Stalls Bills In State Senate, House

Must-Read News On Immigration Reform / “Qué Pasa” In Immigration Reform, Apr 27, 2015

Immigration News 2015: 'Historic Levels' of Agents for Border Security, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson Says

Immigration Reform 2015: Illegal Immigrants Flown On Empty Charter Flights, Wasting Millions, Homeland Security Report Finds

Must-Read News On Immigration Reform, April 20, 2015

How court battle over Obama immigration action could be road map for reform

Must-Read News On Immigration Reform, April 13, 2015

Immigration Reform 2015: Written Briefs Flood Appeals Court Before Obama Executive Orders Hearing Good news on the horizon for Obama's immigration action | MSNBC (4/8) President Obama's first major executive action on immigration. ... matter with
his executive orders on immigration reform ultimately upheld.

Immigration and Equality

Must-Read News On Immigration Reform, April 1, 2015

Immigration Reform: The Drawbacks of E-Verify

Scott Walker Adjusts Stance on Immigration at Private Dinner

Democrats Will Protect Families Until Immigration Reform Happens | Commentary

Immigration Reform 2015: Judge Considers Sanctions If Justice Department Misled On Obama Executive Orders

Obama to seek emergency order restarting immigration programs




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