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The dreams of a male dummy (9) Landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling on campaign spending

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Friend: “Hi, what is going on with the Supreme Court?  Are we going to be the Rich People’s Republic? ” (*)

I: “Well, well! We are in a semi- or pre-chaotic status!? People are trying their solutions. In some sense, this is good, because it may mean that people haven’t given up.  Not yet.”

F: “Well, what do you think about people experimenting with our future?”

I: “We have had new solutions being tried on us since day zero.  And when no new solutions are being tried, that’s a kind of experiment too.”

F: “Ok!? So, what would be the consequence of this ruling?”

I: “We will probably be moving toward a top-down society. A lot of young people will work harder to become super rich.”

F: “So, people like you and me will be getting poorer!?

I: “If you were smart, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about.”

F: “How about you, wise guy?”

I: “I think I will have more chances and/or more excuses to go to China.”

F: “What are you talking about?”

I: “You know China is the only country which has success stories. She is the only game in town.  China was terrible and miserable before it adopted its market economy.  Now, she is still a top-down society.  And, what will be a fatal attraction to us is that China is a huge country like us, and has become a successful “persona” in the human drama ever since she simply made one single change, from a planned economy to a market one.  Instead of going to the USA to learn some things, soon a lot people will go to China.”

F: “I sense you have personal reasons to go to China.  What are they?  Since I am your best friend, you should trust me.  Whatever you are gonna tell me will be just between you and me.  I swear!”

I: “OK.  You know, in China, there are a lot of beautiful girls who are willing …

Bang!  Bang!  I was outside the bed.  And, my beloved wife was screaming: “What !? So you are dreaming of beautiful girls!”

Note: Bold words are not expressed in a dream.

         (*) Please refer to U.S. Supreme Court ruling on campaign spending may undermine elections ( 1/22/2010)


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